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Team Ria_Sarah Gregory.png

Art by Sarah Gregory

Ria is a prickly thief who despises royalty. On a heist to steal jewels from the palace, which might help her escape her kingdom and its coming war, she discovers she is closer to the royals than she ever imagined . . . she is the princess' long-lost twin!

Team Rani_Maeeda Khan.png

Art by Maeeda Khan

Rani is the princess of Abai, whose merciless father, the raja, keeps her caged in the palace. She craves nothing more than freedom—and to fulfill her recently-deceased tutor's last wish, to find a magical stone that could change the coming war. The opportunity to leave the palace presents itself when she finds a girl who looks exactly like her: Ria. But this sister-switch might reveal more than she ever thought . . .

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