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(Spirit Service #1)

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

April 22, 2025

Ages 8+


Ghostbusters meets The Baby-Sitters Club in this supremely sweet and spooky story about four seventh graders who start a small business helping their local neighborhood spirits pass on to the other side.

All Raveena wants is to bring back her school’s beloved arts program. It’s been six months since her music-loving grandmother passed, and four since Hollows’ Peak Middle School cut its entire arts budget. Now Raveena has no way to practice music, and worse, no way to honor Grandmama’s memory.

But Raveena’s world turns on its head when she and her friends stumble upon an otherworldly discovery: an old-fashioned telephone with the ability to contact ghosts!

With her newfound possession, Raveena devises the perfect plan to raise funds for the arts program: Spirit Service, an agency that guides deceased townspeople to the afterlife by reconnecting them with their living loved ones. The best part? There are tons of spirits in need of assistance—and people willing to pay big bucks to communicate with them.

But not all spirits are interested in peacefully moving on…

To keep their neighborhood safe, Raveena and her friends must dive into the history of their town and the mysterious phone, and in the process, uncover secrets that are much closer to home.

Art credit: Liz Parkes (eklixio)
Cover design: Sarah Creech
(Click here for hi-res version)

US: Simon & Schuster US | | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Target | Books-A-Million
Canada: Simon & Schuster CA | Amazon | Indigo
UK: Amazon | Waterstones | Foyles
Australia: Booktopia | Amazon
Also available as an e-book


Look out for Spirit Service #2

Coming Spring 2026!

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